Webinar on addressing employment related issues of Persons with Disability:

About Webinar

The world is presently facing an unprecedented health emergency resulting from Covid 19 pandemic which has also had its adverse effect on economic lives of the people. It is estimated that in India alone around 110 Million People have become unemployed in the last couple of months., In the present ‘New Reality’ we know that it is the marginalized communities that will bear the brunt of this effect and among them, persons with disability (PwD) will be the most disadvantaged as their issues are much more complex thereby making it difficult for them to adapt to the altered way of life. Therefore, there is an urgency to collectively address this issue by identifying foreseeable problems and working with all the stakeholders to find new ways to address the emerging challenges.


In view of the new emerging demands, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation in partnership with Skill Council for Persons with Disability is focusing on some of key issues related to PwD Employability through three webinar sessions

Date of upcoming webinars:

Date: 9th September 2020 at 3.00 pm 
Topic : Visual Impairment


Lack of dedicated focus in identification and addressing the specific employment related needs and requirements of Persons with Disability during this crisis situation.

Lack of concerted and coordinated efforts from different stakeholders to include Disability in mainstream economic activities undertaken during this emergency situation.

Track & Topics

1. Government

Government initiative for addressing PwD challenges towards employment, jobs and economy.

2. Employer’s

Employer’s perspective – Significant strategies to promote Inclusive practice post lockdown.

3. Technology

Role of technology as an enabler during and post lock down.

4. Case Study

Case study sharing’s of Persons with Disability who were affected with Covid 19, their challenges and support system they received.

Four Reasons to attend the webinar

  1. To understand the specific employment related issues and challenges faced by Persons with Disability resulting from the present covid crisis. 
  2. To contribute your thoughts and suggestions which will help in facilitating meaningful inclusion of Persons with Disability in mainstream during this difficult times.
  3. To share your experience or best practices that you have adapted to ensure some relief, solution or benefits to problems faced by Persons with Disability during this situation.
  4. To come up with appropriate and concrete plan of action to influence the government departments and other policy makers to bring about necessary changes at the policy level.

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