NVDA Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Browse Mode: Browse mode is used when reading documents or web pages.

Focus Mode: Focus mode is used when the user enters a form or other fields that require user input. NVDA automatically switches between Browse and Focus modes, but the user can toggle them using Insert + Space Bar.

Turn on Speech Viewer: enabling Speech Viewer opens a window that shows everything NVDA states. This is useful for sighted users learning NVDA for testing purposes. Enable it under Tools in the NVDA menu.

To install NVDA, go to http://www.nvaccess.org/download/ and select ‘skip donation this time’ to proceed with the installation.

The Basic NVDA Shortcut Keys
Task Command
Turn NVDA on Control + Alt + N
Turn NVDA off Insert + Q
Stop reading Control
Start reading continuously from this point on Insert + Down Arrow or Numpad Plus
Read next item Plus Down Arrow
Read next focusable item (e.g. link, button) Tab
Activate link Enter
Activate button Enter or Space Bar
Go to next heading H
Go to next heading of level [1-6] 1-6
List all headings Insert + F7
Go to next landmark/region D
Show list of all links, headings, and landmarks Insert + F7
Go to next table T
Navigate table cells Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys
Go to next list L
Go to next list item I
Go to next graphic G
List all links Insert + F7
Go to next link K
Go to next unvisited link U
Go to next visited link V
Read entire foreground window (e.g. for dialogs) Insert + B
Announce title of the current foreground window Insert + T
Toggle between: radio buttons, <select> list items, tabs (ARIA widget), tree view items (ARIA widget), menu items (ARIA widget) Arrow Keys
Go back to previous heading, landmark, table, focusable item, etc. Shift + [H, D, T, Tab,etc.]
Reading Text
Task Command
Say prior line Up Arrow or Numpad 7
Say next line Down Arrow or Numpad 9
Say current line Insert + Up Arrow or Numpad 8
Start of line Shift + Numpad 1
End of line Shift + Numpad 3
Top line Shift + Numpad 7
Bottom line Shift + Numpad 9
Say prior character Left Arrow or Numpad 1
Say next character Right Arrow or Numpad 3
Say current character Numpad 2
Say character phonetically umpad 5 twice quickly
Say prior word Ctrl + Left Arrow or Numpad 4
Say next word Ctrl + Right Arrow or Numpad 6
Say current word Numpad 5
Say prior sentence Alt + Up Arrow
Say next sentence Alt + Down Arrow
Say current sentence Alt + Numpad 5
Next paragraph Ctrl + Up Arrow or Q
Spell word Numpad 5 twice quickly
Spell current line Insert + Up Arrow twice quickly

Toggle selection

Task Command
List all form elements Insert + F5
Next form F
Next focusable item Tab
Next button B
Select and deselect Space Bar
Next checkbox X
Open combo box Alt + Down Arrow
Browse/select options Down Arrow or First letter
Select multiple options Shift + Down Arrow (or Up Arrow)
Next <select> combo box C
Toggle selection Up/Down Arrow
Next radio button R
Toggle between focus mode and browse mode* Insert + Space Bar
Task Command
Go to next (previous) table T (Shift + T)
Cell to right Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow
Cell to left Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow
Cell below Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Cell above Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow